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[TFF🍄] Foraging alert: Morels spotted in your area!

A Foragers Dream Come True. Morels Galore! Morel mushroom hunting can be a fun and rewarding activity, but it takes some skill and patience to find these elusive fungi. While there is no "one" way to guarantee finding the elusive Morel there are a few tips you can follow to increase your chances. Morels can be found on both private and public land near dying softwood trees like elms, ash, and apple trees. The southern edge of the dying tree is the best place to look for morels as the soil is...

10 months ago • 3 min read

Christmas & Mushrooms Are Related? There is a popular theory that Amanita muscaria (Fly Agaric mushroom) is the true inspiration behind Christmas. Amanita muscaria has long been considered a sacred plant by the indigenous people of Siberia. Centuries ago, the winter solstice (December 21st) was a ceremonial and festive date. During these ceremonies, the tribe's shamans would ingest the hallucinogenic mushroom Amanita muscaria. However, the toxins in the mushroom can cause unpleasant symptoms...

10 months ago • 4 min read

The Last Of Us... Will It Actually Happen? In The Last of Us, people are infected by a fungal disease called the Cordyceps Brain Infection, which is caused by a fictional strain of the Cordyceps fungus. In the game's world, this fungus has mutated and jumped from its usual hosts, insects and arthropods, to infect humans. So can this actually happen? Short answer…NO. There are many strains of the Cordyceps fungus in the natural world, and some of them can infect insects and other arthropods....

10 months ago • 3 min read
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